We don’t adapt ourselves to the space. We adapt the space to climbing

Space designed only for climbing.

2,300 m2 climbing terrain suitable for all – performance, advanced, hobby climbers and non-climbers!

We are progressive – both in our philosophy and approach.

We promote sustainability at ropecult:

  • Fresh air
  • Natural lighting
  • Healthy and circular cuisine

Open to everyone.

Active relaxation and fun all in one place: circular and healthy food options, children’s courses, team building, workshops, a shop with professional equipment, physiotherapy counselling, and more.

ropecult in numbers

The most diverse climbing profiles in one place.

2,300 m2 of climbing terrain: a main climbing area and three bouldering walls, where climbers can tackle the three Olympic disciplines (speed, lead and bouldering), as well as an outdoor wall, a training space, and a children’s wall.

Overhanging faces
Vertical faces
Tréninkové stěny 15%

Up to 700 climbers a day.

  • Up to 12,000 m3 of fresh air
  • Maximum amount of natural light
  • Energy efficient building

50 comfortable seats in the café.

Comfortable and convenient:

Your questions answered

1When will ropecult open?

Soon! We are currently in the crucial communication phase with potential investors.

2Is ropecult for everyone? Even for people without climbing experience?

This is a place for everyone – children included. Ropecult is suitable for beginners, advanced climbers as well as seasoned pros. Instructors, equipment, babysitting - everything will be available. Non-climbers are invited to enjoy a cup of delicious Doubleshot coffee or a balanced meal prepared with local ingredients.

3Is Adam Ondra going to train at ropecult?

That depends! Nevertheless, we are striving to create a space with a competition-level standard that will be to his (and your) liking and definitely something to look forward to.

4What’s on the café menu?

We make a point of having a balanced daily menu full of local and seasonal ingredients. A small sample of what to look forward to:

  • Cereal with yogurt for breakfast
  • Vegetable soup and chicken breast with rice and salad for lunch
  • Caprese salad with a freshly baked herb baguette for dinner
  • Healthy snacks at any time of the day
5How often do you change the climbing routes? And who sets them?

We change the routes once or twice every month. Boulders are altered more often than the routes for roped climbing. Our routesetters are experienced and well-known members of the Czech climbing community, although you can look forward to experts visting from abroad too! How about some bouldering obstacles set up by guys from Mandala or Café Kraft? Wouldn’t that be something?

6Why did you choose the name “ropecult”?

Because we are strong believers in the binding power of the rope and our community.

1Is signing-up mandatory?

Yes, all climbers must have their own ropecult account, because your safety is our top priority. As we aim to build a safe environment for all visitors, it is important that everyone is familiar with our Operating Regulations and is able to use climbing equipment, belay, and behave carefully around others.

2What if I don’t have a buddy? Can I join someone?

Absolutely! There will be group trainings twice a week.

3Do you organise rock climbing courses too?

Yes, we are very much looking forward to it! We will offer outdoor climbing courses on a regular basis from spring to autumn. Our main goal is to make climbers ready for outdoor activities and to teach beginners basic rock climbing skills.

4Is climbing healthy acitivity?

Climbing is one of the most natural sports activities you can do. Nevertheless, there is a physiotherapist on the premises who will help you with any mobility issues related (or not) to climbing.

5Will my child have fun too?

Absolutely! We have a children’s climbing wall, a parking space for prams, and various snacks for kids.

6What is the link between circular cuisine and climbing?

We wish to utilise all resources in the most reasonable way and reduce unnecessary waste. At ropecult, we strive to provide not only a top climbing experience but also a high degree of sustainability. Circular cuisine is our way of showing that we care about the environment. 

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Alice Perkensteel

The people who live and breathe ropecult.

Alice & David


Turning her passion for climbing into her career has been Alice’s dream come true. A member of Satalice Climbing Club since she was ten, Alice passed her first instructor course when she turned eighteen. With a degree in product design, she is also a climbing wall designer.

We are one of you.


David is every inch a dreamer. As chairman of HO Satalice, he has been training and leading climbing courses for children and adults for more than 10 years. When he climbs to the upper reaches, the world below ceases to exist and his imagination runs wild. And that’s how he dreamt up ropecult.

ropecult: a new standard in climbing and sports

+420 603 421 814 climb@ropecult.cz

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